DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE - Gospel Music Playlists broadcast on HLR on Sundays at 5pm 

'Down by the Riverside' is a new music show being broadcast on Heckington Living Radio (HLR) on Sundays at 5pm. It features Gospel Music, Negro Spirituals, New Christian Music and songs with a Spiritual message. Compliled and compared by Rev Chris. Below are the playlists, but you will have to listen to the show to hear the music. Gospel Music is at the root of Blues, Rock, Country and Reggae music. To listen search for Heckington Radio HLR. Or go to your usual internet music provider for a listen to specific tracks. It is now being repeated on Wednesday mornings at 9am. 

The River Jordan

Come 'Down by the Riverside' and be spiritually refreshed


24th March 2024 - Playlist 1

31st March 2024 - Playlist 2

7th April 2024 - Playlist 3

12th May 2024 - Playlist 4

26th May 2024 - Playlist 5