During this time when church buildings are closed and events and groups cancelled, we are not able to serve our communities in quite the same way as before. However practical help is available in some of the villages included our group of parishes. This is being provided by parish councils, local business and local charities. This help is listed below. If for some reason you cannot find the help you need from this list please do get in touch with Rev Chris. 


Most practical help is being co-ordinated by local parish councils, health centres and local businesses as below.

If you are able and want to volunteer to help then please contact the parish councils. Many thanks to all who are. Please keep safe. 

NKDC - 01529 414155 ( can point you to your own local parish council. 

Heckington Parish council - 01529 460174 

Heckington Millview Medical Centre for delivery of medicines - 01529 460213

Heckington Volunteer Emergency Team co-ordinators helping organise local shopping deliveries etc for those who can't or aren't allowed out - Christine (01529 469560),  Julie (07341 341359), Roger (01529 462088), Sue (07769342995) 


Now is the time to help save local businesses by shopping locally

Sylv's Cafe - Meals on Wheels service (01529 469111

Pop in Cafe Deliveries (07704 183856)

Windmill Shop general food supplies & fruit and veg deliveries (01529 461295)

Simpson's Butchers local deliveries (01529 460403)

Heckington Pet Supplies - deliveries (01529 460675) 

An offer for 21 meals for just £20 from Age UK if over 65 delivered to your door - call 03455 564144. See below:

Age concern food advert


In Helpringham - our Church Warden Fiona Lightfoot is co-ordinating local deliveries in Helpringham in conjunction with the local post office (01529 421827 or  07393 553091)

In Heckington - A new community larder - 'The Heckington Living Community Larder' - has begun at Heckington Village Hall. It is open three afternoons a week from 12noon to 3pm on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. It started on 1st May. To qualify for help you just need something with your address on it to prove you live in Heckington East Heckington, Great Hale or Little Hale. No questions are asked and every thing is in strict confidence. If you have a need even if you are working then please go along and choose what you want. It is a well stocked larder with everything you would need.   

If you can spare donations of groceries, or donations of money to buy supplies, please drop them off at 22 Church Street, Heckington. Many thanks.


There are local charities in most of our villages which were set up to offer help to local residents that are suffering hardship through no fault of their own. Financial support in the form of  small one off grants etc are available during this pandemic when many people have been laid off work. Application forms are available and Trustees will consider each application quickly (1-2 days). You need to live within the parish boundaries of each particular village in order to qualify. The various contact details are listed below:

Heckington Relief in Need - John Collard 01529 660852. 

Helpringham Relief in Need - Rev Chris Harrington 01529 460904

Scredington Relief in Need - Richard Johnson 01529 302095

Burton Pedwardine - Michael Coy 01529 469222

Great Hale -

Little Hale - Caroline