Sounds from the Sunnyside - Last updated 11th August 2022

                                                                   The Rocking Rev

                                                                            The Rocking Rev many, many moons ago BC

Coming from a rock and pop background before becoming an Anglican priest, Rev Chris has been DJ'ing a music show on Heckington Living Community Radio each week called 'Sounds from the Sunnyside', which is broadcast straight after the weekly worship service recorded at the Rectory. The worship service is broadcast at around 11am every Sunday morning and 'Sounds from the Sunnyside' follows at around 11.50am/12noon depending on the length of the service.

'Sounds from the Sunnyside' is repeated on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am. Each show lasts between 1 to 2 hours and features rock  pop blues country selections from the 1950's onwards. Sometimes there is a specific theme, sometimes not. The playlist is now being posted here on this page each week so you can plan to log onto Heckington Living Community Radio to hear the records you may also love to listen to whilst preparing your Sunday Lunch. If you miss on Sunday there is always Tuesday or Thursday mornings. There might also be a record you heard and liked but didn't know who it was, if so hopefully the playlist may help you to remember who it was and so you can look for it on the internet. As music is one of the great pleasures in life for those of us fortunate enough to be able to hear, 'Sounds of the Sunnyside' is helping to spread a little bit of that joy. To listen just Google 'Heckington Living Community Radio'.

To download the playlist (not the music) click on the particular date below with the bottom one for this week:

Playlist Broadcast dates.                                                   Title of Playlist 

Sunday 30th Jan + 1st & 3rd Feb 2022.                       1970's Rock & Prog  

Sunday 6th Feb + 8th & 10th Feb 2022                        Heaven & Hell  

Sunday 13th Feb + 15th & 17th Feb 2022                   British Blues  

Sunday 20th Feb + 22nd & 24th Feb 2022                   Female Singer Songwriters 

Sunday 27th Feb + 1st & 3rd March 2022                     Great British Groups in 1960's     

Sunday 6th March + 8th & 10th March 2022.              Guitar Heroes

Sunday 13th March + 15th & 17th March 2022.        Many rivers to cross      

Sunday 20th March + 22nd & 24th March 2022         If I can dream

Sunday 27th March + 29th & 31st March 2022.           Various tracks from 80's & 90's

Sunday 3rd April + 5th & 7th April 2022.                        Its not war (just the end of love)

Sunday 10th April + 12th & 14th April 2022                 Sam Cooke Special

Sunday 17th April + 19th & 21st April 2022                   Carole Bayer Sayer & other songwriters 

Sunday 24th April + 26th & 28th April 2022                   Acoustic Classics       

Sunday 1st May + 3rd & 5th May 2022.                              Paul Carrack and others   

Sunday 8th May + 10th & 12th May 2022                          Various tracks from 70's 80's & 90's  

Sunday 15th May + 17th & 19th May 2022                        Rod Stewart Special

Sunday 22nd May + 24th & 26th May 2022.                      Contemporary Spiritual Songs

Sunday 29th May + 31st May & 2nd June 2022                2 Tone & Stiff Records special

Sunday 5th June + 7th & 9th June 2022.                            70 years of great music during the Queen's reign

Through the summer I will be playing tracks from a selection of 50 of my favourite albums. For the list click HERE

Sunday 12th June + 14th & 16th June 2022                          'Selection from 50 great albums' part 1

Sunday 19th June + 21st & 23rd June 2022.                           'Selection from 50 great albums' part 2

Sunday 26th June + 28th & 30th June 2022.                         'Selection from 50 great albums' part 3

Sunday 3rd July + 5th & 7th July 2022                                      'Selection from 50 great albums' part 4

Sunday 10th July + 12th & 14th July 2022                              'Selection from 50 great albums' part 5

Sunday 17th July + 19th & 21st July 2022                                'Selection from 50 great albums' part 6

Sunday 24th July + 26th & 28th July 2022                              'Selection from 50 great albums' part 7

Sunday 31st July + 2nd & 4th August 2022                              'Selection from 50 great albums' part 8

Sunday 7th August + 9th & 11th August 2022                         'Selection from 50 great albums' part 9 

Sunday 14th August + 16th & 18th August 2022                     'Selection from 50 great albums' part 10